Throughout the semester I attended the “My sweet, sweet” exhibit.  I really enjoyed the BDSM pictures because it shows that our college art department is bold enough to put up artwork focusing on “taboo” subjects.

More to come…


As much as I enjoyed the eraser drawing, I wish I could start over.  First I would change the angle at which I was looking into the mirror.  The 3/4 view was really difficult for me to execute, and I have a couple of hypothesis as to why that is.  First, the difference between the size and shape of my left and right eye was drastic due to the view – so it was really hard to get the shape and size right.  Second, I realized (after I was done) that I must have not kept my head still enough during the observing process.  For example, when I would measure my features with the string – my measurements would be different every time, which led my eyes to looking really wonky.  My drawing looked more like me at first, but I kept redoing my eye so much that I wore out the paper and couldn’t really do anything with it anymore – so I was stuck with a tiny creepy eye.  The more I went on the less it looked like me. I attribute this to my head moving which caused me to recalculate my measurements and make changes.

Although I was disappointed in my own drawing, I was really impressed by many others.  Ceecee, Bethany, and Polly.  Ceecee’s Bethany’s were phenomenally accurate and well executed.  Ceecee did a beautiful job with paying attention to detail, and Bethany’s eyelashes were wonderfully rendered.

I loved Polly’s composition as well as how she rendered her skin tone in the picture.  I included a picture containing three portraits (Polly, Ms. Kelly, and Alexandria) because of the beautiful contrast in skin tone between the three.

When I was first introduced to the tiny animals project, I knew instantly what I wanted to make.  A spider!  I absolutely HATE spiders and I will scream like a little girl if I see one near me or in my house, which is exactly why I wanted to make one.  For years I have had a moderate phobia of spiders – I had numerous nightmares about them, check my walls for them before I go to sleep, and they just plain give me the creeps.  This project was a way for me to create what I am afraid of – and (what I was hoping) it would help make me a little less afraid of them.  I also wanted to make it really detailed.  However we only had one class period to work on it so I didn’t have the time to make it as detailed as I had wanted.  I spent about 2 extra hours after class working on it.  I also wanted to make a spider because the spindly, fragile legs and the round, pebble-shaped body appealed to me.   I gave him the power of “being a jerk, and scaring the crap out of me,” because that’s what spider do best……jerks.

For my antonym project, I received the words strange and familiar.  These words were really difficult for me to translate into a visually appealing abstract piece.  One reason is because the words are multi-dimensional and mean different things to everyone.  What is strange to me might be familiar to someone else, and vice versa – which made it difficult for me to create and abstract piece that was familiar and strange to everyone.  I received many tips on my piece during critique – saying that my piece didn’t convey strangeness or familiarness.  But I ended up going with what felt right to me, Instead of trying to appeal to other people.

I only have one picture of my project because that’s all I took of it before it disappeared into the crevices of the unknown.  The picture is my abstract piece for the word strange.  I felt like the thin paper gave it a transient quality which conveys the unknown (which is strange to me).

Heavens to Betsy!

I have always been a HUGE fan of Sally Mann for many many reasons – and I was thrilled that we got to watch a video about her!

The thing I appreciate the most about Sally is definitely her disinterest in pleasing art critics.  I have a rather biased opinion of art critique since a lot of it is just pretentious mumbo jumbo.  She creates art because she knows what will look good – and she wont stop until she has created her perfect image.  She doesn’t care if there is a deep message behind the photograph or not – she just takes pictures.

Another thing I love about her is the fact that she still makes glass plate negatives.  In an era of photoshop I am thrilled to know that there are still people clinging to traditional photographic methods.  To me, photography – being a relatively new artform – hasn’t really had much time.  What I mean by this is photography is too new to die off.  We need to give a few more hundred years before we move on to the horror that is digital photography.

Anyways – that was my little rant, I had to stop before things got ugly.


I’ll start off by saying that I really enjoyed this project.  The questions were specific enough to inspire the artist, yet vague enough to allow countless interpretations.   I found myself wanting to make artwork for the other questions, as well as redoing mine!  I also really enjoyed learning about the different approaches everyone took – they were surprisingly very, very different from one another.

I have always been attracted to more ethereal art.  I have no idea why, I like dark, creepy artwork so much, but I do.  I was making a device that would allow me to create ghosts, but I wanted to do more than that.  I also wanted to give a shout out to my favorite band (I’ll provide a link below).  Their visuals beautifully mesh with their sound.  Their music and artwork is a combination of dark, ethereal ambiance with contrasting poppy, child…ness.  Okay – I had a hard time writing a sentence to describe them, but I think you will understand what I mean when you listen to them.

This is their song Blue.  It’s heavy – so if you don’t like metal you probably wont like this.  However I LOVE the contrasting I was speaking of earlier.  It’s innocent and child-like, yet dark and deeply disturbing.

This one isn’t heavy – but still lovely.  I figure more people will probably like this one.  This song is also about art, which fits amazingly enough with the blog theme.

Again – I am posting these because they were an inspiration for my piece.

If I were to create a vague question it would probably go something like…

“Recreate a scene from your childhood”

Project Outline: Draw a chair on your own without any guidance.  Then, after some extremely beneficial guidance from the teacher, draw a chair using the tools you learned.

I spent about 4 hours outside of class drawing the first chair – although it doesn’t look like it!

I spent all of my class time working on my second chair.  I was very surprised by a few aspects of this project.  First would be that it was surprisingly difficult.  The curvature of the leg closest to me gave me a lot of problems – especially the part that extends into the back.  I will assume that it is because the slight curve of the leg was harder for me to process into lines (as opposed to straight lines and geometric shapes).  I’m excited to possibly get into drawing more organic shapes.  The second thing that surprised me was how much math was involved. Not saying I needed a calculator, but I never stopped measuring and counting the entire time.

I also really enjoyed keeping the same sheet of paper the entire time.  I have a bad habit of wanting to get a new sheet if I mess up, but I felt like the erased lines gave my picture a more ‘moody’ atmosphere. Well – as moody as a chair can be, I guess.


On a side note: The before and after  for this project astounded me.  It reminds me of the before and after pictures taken of people who get gastric bypass surgery.

…with a picture and 2 sentences

I love 80’s music, and I figured I would try to come up with two sentences describing myself, using only 1980’s popular song titles.  So just like the music – it’s a little cheesy.

“In your eyes, I might be born in the U.S.A – under pressure – a material girl just working for the weekend.

I’m too shy to say, say, say, that down under – I am forever young, and forever the warrior (princess) – just living in my own private Idaho.”

This picture is a self-portrait I completed in high school photography.  I used B&W Polaroid film and a pinhole camera to take the picture.  I printed the image using cyanotype solution.  I think I accidentally got bleach on the print, explaining why it’s so faded.  But it made the image more interesting, so I kept it.